Gratitude Letter to My Parents

I don’t know if this page or even if these words are enough for me to thank you for the things that you have done for me, but since you are the most wonderful gift that this life sent, at least I tried. I know there are times that I question your love for me but it doesn’t mean that I don’t know it. Honestly, I just wanted to hear it again and again because it is very assuring to know that I have two people who will never give up on me. Thank you for teaching me how to properly use a spoon and fork when I was little, for your motive was to teach me proper etiquette. Thank you for teaching me how to speak, for it embedded in me the act of voicing out myself. Thank you for teaching me how to walk, atleast now I have the courage to go places. Thank you for teaching me the difference between right and wrong, you’ve taught me to best lesson there is. I’ll always be thankful for letting me be on my own, you have taught me responsibility and freedom. Thank you for teaching me the things I needed to be the person I fought to become. Lastly, thank you for sacrificing yourself just to prepare me for what life lies ahead. I will always love you to infinity and beyond.


My Hometown

I want to make my first blog entry as personal so I’m going to write about myself. I’ve always want to compile the things that happen in my life in a diary but I always end up losing it. I believe wordpress can be a great platform in compiling everything. Here it goes..

I grew up in a small town in the Philippines where most of the people doesn’t really care about what’s happening online. You will be able to know what’s going on through gossips and eavesdropping. There is no mall, fancy restaurants, or even overpriced cafes there. Living there is far from the extravagant life in the city. Most people care about their harvest of rice, root crops, and vegetables that will be sold in the market the next day so that they can put food on their children’s plate or be able to send them to school. In addition to that, fishing is another way to make a living. Despite of the hardship that they face, they still manage to help anyone who is in need. It is not that hard for them to trust people and that is a good thing. People know each other.

Time came that I had to leave this beautiful place to study in the city. I experienced some kind of culture shock because no matter how hard I try to fit in in the city, I know that I am meant to live in my hometown. It’s not just the place.. it’s also the people. I know that growth is part of life and I am not closing doors for my improvement even if I had to move away but when the time comes, I’m going to go back because that is where I belong.

Even if we don’t have anything that will make our place go with the evolving world. No wifi, no hoverboards, no exploding cellphones but it is where you can find genuine people who are willing to listen. It is where people can have peace of mind away from the busiest streets in this world. It is a place that I can call my home. A part of me will always be there.